About Her Petals

Her Petals is currently a dream, but hopefully will come to be.

The idea is a coffee shop, wine bar, and book store.  The idea is a place for people to come and relax and meet people, a place where people are comfortable and want to spend time.  It will be in a remodeled old style house, and have a home like feel to it.

The books will be ones lesbian, feminist, and women’s interest themes, including non-fiction and fiction, proses and poetry, and a wide variety of genres.  They will be available to look at or read there, but also to buy.

The inside space will have both private space for people to talk and get to know each other without others overhearing or watching, and more open, social space.  The books will be scattered among these spaces.  There will be a bar with stools where coffee type products and  local wines will be served, along small food items, from appetizers to pastries and breads.

The outside space will be a garden, English style, also with both private and social spaces.  There will be a place outside to buy drinks and food as well, connected to the inside bar, so guests do not have to go inside to order.  There will be plenty of standing and walking space, but also plenty of places to sit.