Her Petals

Imagine an old house.  A house with several rooms.  A house with both open and private space.  But this is not a house.

Imagine a coffee house and wine bar.  This was once a house.

Imagine people moving from room to room, sitting, standing, talking, reading, drinking their coffee or wine, eating small plates of things.

Imagine books all through the house, not just any books, books by feminists, books by lesbians, books by female poets, books of interest to women, books to look at, read, maybe buy.

Imagine a garden out back.  An English style garden.  Imagine places to sit, to stand, to talk, to eat or drink.  Imagine open areas and small private spaces.  Imagine people milling about, talking, eating, drinking, sitting, standing, walking, reading, relaxing.

Imagine laughter and silence, conversation and discussion.

Imagine people at easy, enjoying the space, enjoying the food and drink, enjoying the books, enjoying each other.

Imagine Her Petals.